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A hell hole suburb of Cincinnati. Considered a great place to raise kids, but really is an example of why soccer mom's should be banned from voting and running for office. The cops here have nothing better to do than pick on teenagers, blacks, and anyone who's been in trouble with them before. The main roads have stop signs for streets with 5 fucking house's on them. The residents are a bunch of rich phony fucks, who got nothing better to do than one up each other. Half the kids get a new car on their birthday, and you're looked down upon if you're not rich, and preppy.
Typical soccer mom conversation in Montgomery, Ohio
Montgomeryite 1: I love my BMW, it's got heated seats.
Montgomeryite 2: Oh yeah my BMW has heated AND cooled seats.
Montgomeryite 1 (calls husband): Buy me a new Beemer!!!!! I need cooled seats, the hand stitched leather, and the real redwood trim, none of that plastic shit this time!!
Montgomeryite 2: Someone should do something about that 25MPH speed limit on Montgomery Road by the Kroger, it's too fast!!!!!!
Montgomeryite 1: I know be thankful I'm also the mayor, I'll gonna lower it to 15 and have make sure there's always 2 cops patrolling it!
by bankman February 12, 2010
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