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Similar to its cousin the mongolian slide, the mongolian shimmy is a courtship ritual used by mongolian warlords. The shimmy, unlike the slide, uses less power in favor of technique. The shimmy requires some advanced Trigonometry, and knowledge of piston engineering to perform adequately. Older mongolian warlords whose backs may not be fit to perform the slide will utilize the shimmy.
With his age too high, our professor could no longer perform the mongolian slide, so he used the mongolian shimmy instead.
by JohnnyBTheZen May 19, 2018
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Similar to it's cousin the mongolian slide, the shimmy is a less powerful mongolian courtship ritual that relies more on technique. Unlike the slide, the shimmy will break a pinky at most. The key to performing the shimmy relies more on your knowledge of advanced trigonometry to acquire the appropriate angle for maximum effect.
After the mongolian slide proved too intense for his back, our professor switched his main technique from the slide to the mongolian shimmy.
by JohnnyBTheZen April 12, 2018
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