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In life, you must go to school to have an opportunity to make large quantities of money. Once you can go to the job, you end up working for money until retirement, where you can spend your last years reflecting on all the time you wasted accumulating money instead of enjoying it.
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by The Guy of Enlightenment July 21, 2016
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That which allows lazy people to do stupid things without painful consequences, thus keeping them forever stupid.
It's not the love of money that is the root of all evil, but rather the lack of it—it's not wrong to have money; it's wrong for money to have you.
by MathPlus June 25, 2016
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Paper and coinage that can be used to exchange for goods and services. More of it equals power and chicks.
"My money got me a wife honey."
by CrazyMike February 10, 2003
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slang: 1a) A person possessing an outstanding personality quality, social skill, physical appearance, or any exceptional ability or skill that makes them stand out.; 1b) To be the best at something; 1c) Skilled to the level of being as good as currency.
You're so money, and you dont even know it. (origin "Swingers" Miramax 1996)
by Rick VH May 27, 2003
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The biggest reason for stress in most marriages and the number one cause of divorce in the United States.
Without money in which to pay the bills, Susie & Bobby are forced to file for bankruptcy.
by Loxi July 22, 2009
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A bunch of green stuff that gets you food, water and clothes
Dude, give me some of that green stuff. Money is good
by 3322 June 17, 2006
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