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A Money Mal is all about making shit happen, always on the grind, pimpin but not trippin, sexy, charasmatic, articulate, highly intelligent and manipulative. A Money Mal is professional financially motivated people linking up to break bread and make bread, getting their hussle on.
The ladies love a Money Mal and go crazy cuz it's guaranteed great sex. A Money Mal is the ladies begging to give up the panties, money or time "Bitch where my mothafuckin money?!" A Money Mal is ratchet bitches fighting over a cum shot, or sweet girls wanting to be nasty.
A Money Mal is loving to make money, keep wifey and seeds in comfort, if you gottem. A Money Mal keeps side chicks in order with the number one rule,"don't fuck it up!"
A Money Mal is a king among kings, a professional pimp of the 21st century. A Money Mal is gettin that money, killin the bullshit, conquering the world."
My boo pulled a Money Mal and it's between my titties.

Dude look at all this Money Mal stacked on the table, all in hudreds baby!

Fuck playin, that shit's for suckas I gotta get on my Money Mal.
by SweetKake June 25, 2017
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