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A cousin of beer goggles, but applicable to women. Just as beer goggles make unattractive women desirable to men, money goggles make unattractive men desirable to women. So a man can be a complete, misogynistic pig, but if hes a complete, misogynistic pig with 20 million dollars, women are willing to ignore the fact that he is a complete, misogynistic pig thanks to money goggles.
At first, Mindy hated the dirty, loud asshole at the end of the bar. When she found out he had a fleet of sports cars, a mansion in Florida and a Swiss bank account, she put on her money goggles and was soon fellating him in the back of his Rolls Royce.
by John M .Hanna September 19, 2007
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what a hot women must be wearing in order to be dating/married to/sleeping with/hitting on some loser, ass ugly ,weird guy.
synonymous to beer googles, but for women.
Two friends see a gorgeous girl all over some dork in a club
"She must have her money goggles on."
by thc4166 May 23, 2009
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Money Goggles are what's make the hottest of chicks sleep with the douchiest, ugly, assholes, that have ever walked the earth. Money goggles are often times worn by female with no self respect and would sleep with or date a guy just based off that fact that he has money and may be giving it to her based off the fact that they're together.

Another side affect of money goggles is popularity/fame goggles, that make the ugliest men look good(see Gucci Mane, Pete Wentz, or Lil Wayne). Money or fame goggles blur a woman's sense of reality, when she only she's fame and fortune, it doesn't matter is the guy is ugly, or a douche, or both
Guy: Is that Ciara with Bryan?
Girl: Yeah he's an ugly douche, she's just dating him because he has money and he's popular.
Guy: Wow, Money Goggles would make a chick do anything.
Girl: Tell me about it
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI April 15, 2010
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