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The funnnest and easiest way to get fucked up...

A form of the infamous game beer pong, in which players have all of the cups the same as beer pong except the front cup is filled to the brim with your brew of choice, with no foam at all allowed, and if the cup is made the opposing team has to drink (or chug if they call themselves men) and re-fill it (this cup is called the Money Cup). The money cup is the last cup to be made to claim victory, and there is an unlimited amount of times the money cup can be made and each time it is it must be refilled until it is overflowing.

The main goal of the game is to make as many money cups as possible, while also claiming victory.
Naulx: "Hey anybody want to play money cup with me and Bean?"

Collins: "Yeah bro me and Bobby are down to get super wasted even though it's Monday. Lets ball."
by IL-GA November 22, 2010
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A game you play while watching live baseball games to add some excitement. Involves passing the "Money Cup" around and betting a buck on each batter... if your batter strikes out you leave the dollar in the money cup and pass it on to the next person. If your batter gets a single you get one dollar back, double two, triple three, home run (or any RBI) you get whatever is in the cup. Official rules are on facebook...
We had a "Money Cup' game going at the Sox game and I won $45.
As soon as the people around us at the game saw that we were playing Money Cup they had to know what we were doing and if they could get in.
by NutinbutTrouble November 18, 2010
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