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The Hang over monday which sees many males and often females skipping work to recieve a hair of the dog, curer from their weekend of binge drinking in the nearest watering hole.
On entering the pub: "We see we have a new addition to the monday club"

"Bob is often a monday club member"
by wilbo baggins October 29, 2006
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Also known as the Mondgay Club or the Monday Night Club. An all male group which is renowned for not being able to pull ladies of their own age, so have to resort to preying on younger girls by abusing their own limited positions of authority in organisations and plying them with lots of alcohol. If this doesn’t work they usually turn to their peers’ siblings, and if this fails they bum each other.
“I just bummed my mates’ brother, so I suppose that makes me an honorary Monday Club member!!”
by The CO November 06, 2007
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