by SuckingWhalesRAmazing October 8, 2018
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A girl usual named Emma she’s cute,funny, freaky, and the BEST girlfriend ever and has nice tittys a phat ass and a perfect body and you love her a lot and she will do anything to love and keep u and you do the same.
Me: Hey mommy I love you

Mommy 😩: I love you too
by Captain Jacob April 8, 2021
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used when your calling or telling a girl they got motion meaning they got hoes
hey motion mommie wyd
by jadaaaa April 11, 2022
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Wanting a daddy / mommy 😘❤️ 🔥😃🤚❤️
by Dollypartonisqueen June 11, 2021
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bend over mommy
bend over mommy :D <3
by Bend over mommy November 23, 2016
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A step-mother who feels the need to try abundantly hard to make another woman's child love her. Normally a failed attempt, but an attempt regardless.
She's not a bonus mommy, she's a freeloader who is trying to convince someone else's kids to love her.
by Veronique Tallywacker October 3, 2017
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