1) Female parent
2) Used as a adjective for a female who is superior to someone; used by females to infer superior status over another, particularly a male.
Mommyyyy, can I go out and play?

I'm your mommy, boy, respect this shit.
by Vyxen November 23, 2004
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a mommy is a women who dose all she can to make sure her kids grow up to be loving caring people who are smart enought and who respect them selfs enought to live happy lifes. a mommys job is verry hard, and kids may not always understand there reasons for things mommys do all they can for there kids.
my mommy has become my best friend and id be lost with out her.
all the things my mommy has went threw for me has made me respect her more and more.
mommy i wanna be just like you.
by ladytruth April 2, 2011
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A person who will always be there for you when you're crying, angry, whatever it is she'll be there. They're humble, sweet, and caring
by PorcyDoll December 18, 2019
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What a younger man sometimes calls an older MILF in bed ( even if they're the same age or she's younger he might call her that just to be kinky), also what a woman is called during roleplay especially incest roleplay.

What a dominantrix is called by her submissive slave.
Oh fuck suck my dick mommy. I'm gonna fuck you mommy.

Yeah you like mommy's big tits? Oh yeah shove your cock in mommy's pussy, make mommy cum!
by Chantons L'amour November 6, 2017
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1 the woman who either raised you or gave birth to you. Your supposed to love her

2 Term of endearment. the most perfect Beautiful caring girl ever. She definitely takes a lead while in the bedroom. Mommy likes when you moan and she'll do anything to make you cum for or in her. Mommy will break you sexually she will do anything that would please either her or you. Mommy is perfect to you and for you. You need to love her
1 mommy can you tuck me in. Mommy can i have some chocolate

2 yes mommy aahhhh y y your hole is. amazing. "Moans" mo mommy please let me cum inside please
by ThicccDaddy-420-69 November 27, 2019
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A maternal figure who gave birth to/raised a child, albeit not necessarily kindred, and may also be used as a term by degenerates with submission complexes for an attractive woman
“No! Don’t yell at me mommy!” “Please spank me mommy!”
by YB Better + Ratio December 19, 2021
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