The bestest person ever. She is great. :)
by Bob!!:) February 3, 2010
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Sexy attractive female, someone you wanna just back up against a wall and kiss
You wanna come find a room with me mommie? aight?
by Raven December 19, 2003
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The woman who worked gave birth to you and so on, she gives you candy and love, and candy and gifts and candy and she is awesome!
by Free Spirit Curly Hair December 14, 2013
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Shortened word for mother.It can be a pet name for you mother. Informal way of saying mother. Typically used by young children. In Britain it is speld Mummy.
My "mommy" and daddy are married.
Sheesh,you just call the teach "mommy"!
by Kookiemonster September 7, 2006
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That nick-name everybody should give their crush to mess with them. Or you could be normal and call them by their real name, but who does that anymore?
Heyy, Mommy.
Why are you in my house?
That's not the real question, Mommy. The real question is: Why am I in your bed?
by I_Reestablished_Communism January 3, 2020
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Typical step-dad from Marocco who tries to hook up your daughter.
You're a mommy!
That guy was watching me while I was asleep, such a mommy!
by adranello November 25, 2020
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On your/my mother; truthfully, I'm not lying, swear to god
Nigga the blunt is almost done, on mommy
Free Meek Mill, on mommy
by kstacksz February 6, 2018
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