besides the fact that mommy means the female parent and all of these amazing kind adjectives that come with it, mommy can be used jokingly in a sexual way, just like daddy is.
oh hey, there mommy.
yess mommy
by rouu August 5, 2018
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the person who took me to school and who loves me truely
by inky sans December 29, 2016
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everyone's favorite mommy
we love it when mommy takes our juul uwu
we love it when mommy takes juul
give me my fucking juul
by mommyrape May 28, 2019
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A woman (usu. wife or girlfriend) who talks to you, or treats you like you're 7 years old, even though you're an adult.
"Honey, it's cold out. Put on a warm coat for your trip!"
"Remember to shave and shower!"
"Yes, mommy" (sarcastically)

"Ashley makes his sandwich and puts out his clothes every day before he goes to work. She's like his mommy!"
by capryl8 September 26, 2012
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That nice lady in the kitchen who makes a sandwich for you, right now.
Know what I really want? A sandwich with ham and tomato and just a thin layer of mayo. Will you make me one if I call you mommy?
by Kardas W. Fox April 7, 2010
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something that skinny beanie wearing skater mfs call their emo girlfriends because they have mommy issues.
“mommy can i see yo milkers
hi mommy ;)”
by weedprincess666 June 16, 2022
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