One who gives birth to you and has to care and nurture your stupid ass until you are 18 or 40.You will never know.
The most used comeback.
Dave: Hey, what are you doing this summer, Jeff?
Jeff: Your mom *laughs like a dumbass*.
Dave: Idiot...
by Es34 May 06, 2008
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a person who is ur parent and is female.
She talks and talks and talks until u wanna hit her over the head with a shovel. :)
God, mom, why wont u just shut up? Please Stop Talking to me. I get it, i wont ever try to stick a roach in the microwave again. now shut up!
by photohungry August 18, 2007
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The woman who gave birth to you. She sometimes gets in your face & business, she has mood swings & at times just loses it, but you love her no matter what & she loves you too.
All any mom really wants is to have one day a week to just relax & not have to drive their kids everywhere.

She's the woman who takes care of all the pets you promised to feed & bathe but 'forget', the one who buys you almost everything in the world, the one who hugs you when you're upset & always has a shoulder to cry on, the one who deals with anything from Tampons to heartbreaks when dads don't, the one who always searches for bargains, & one of the few females who won't start rumors about you & start drama.
In other words, the crazy lady well all love.
Me: Mom, can I have this new CD?

Mom: You just got one!

Me: But I really like this band! I found it online cheap & new.

Mom: -sighs- How much, honey?
by ToriFTW January 03, 2009
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The foreman of your first residence, the baby factory.
878 Fallopian Lane
Uterus, MOM 12345
by Wesley M. Williams February 09, 2005
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