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A mom fuck is the woman in the neighborhood who is willing to let anyone fuck her when her husband is away. She doesnt care if her kids are home or not. She enjoys showing off her body in skimpy, slutty clothes and lets men do anything they want to her, anytime. She'll answer the door in almost nothing or naked and let whoever is there in to fuck her.
Kathy is the neighborhood mom fuck. She loves getting her mouth, pussy, and ass stuffed whenever possible. Everyone knows that when her husband is away on business that she's available for anything. Men walking their dogs stop by for a quick fuck. Kathy just smiles and asks them what they would like to do. She bends over or lies back n spreads her legs or starts bouncing on his hard cock. If her kids are home she just sends them upstairs or outside for a few minutes.
by btld October 19, 2007
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fucking a single mom without the distractions of dating
I took Robin out for dinner at Burger King and after small talk, went back to her place and gave the bitch - cock up her ass all night long. She is one easy mom fuck. the kids were asleep. did not even hear her squeal like a pig.
by tapped that too July 06, 2006
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when a large hit in an american football game happens.
(sitting in a room watching the game with friends)
Everybody: OOOOOO.....OUCH

you: O man Mom Fuck!!

also can be used as "man he just got his mom fucked"
by bombtwan February 24, 2008
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