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Molly Rose is a beautiful kind hearted girl. She is always hungry and eats the whole world but never puts it on! Molly-Rose loves dancing and has an older brother and a younger sister. She has brunette long hair with green eyes. She is tall and funny and very hyper! She has many friends but has one best friend (usually called Megan). She never lets anyone down. Molly-Rose absolutely loves dancing-it is her life! Everyone loves a Molly.
Elise: "omg I met molly rose today she is perfect!"
Megan:"I know she is my best friend for life!"
by MsQueenie_xo May 20, 2014
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She is a sweet kind loving girl who treats everyone equally. She never let's any one down.she loves to eat and takes life on as challenge. She has lots of friends but has one very best friend (usually called Georgia) she's helpful and does anything for her friends.Her hair colour is light brown with deep blue complementing eyes her hair is long .she's funny makes you laugh when your down . she is all round a nice girl who loves animals!
"Gosh Molly-rose really makes me laugh" says Georgia
"I know" says katie
by June 27, 2017
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