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A girl from the Hawaiian Islands who is a "native", or a wannabe native. She tends to buy her "nice" clothes from T&C, Forever 21, or Charlotte Russe. She buys her "super nice" clothes at Hollister. She tends to write things on her facebook or myspace basically stating how badass she is; how her girls are better than your girls, or random lines from rap songs that relate distantly to herself in some way. She probably has a kid already, or will have one early in life. She goes to Sandies or Makapu'u but does not go specifically to catch the waves. She talks like a local, but can switch it off and on for different occasions. If someone talks shit about her, she makes a big deal about kicking that girl's ass, because she is such a "bad ass". When she gets drunk, she turns into a hot mess. She has had a lot of issues with girls that have not liked her in the past. Most of her closest friends are also moke titas.
Look at that moke tita calling that chick out for talking shit about her.
by The #1 moke tita of Hawai'i April 12, 2010
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