A cat (esp. in UK or Australia); generally equivalent to Am. term "mutt"
I ran over the stupid moggie backing up my car.
by Don Tedesco August 22, 2002
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A polite and affectionate name for a woman’s genitalia.
That girl has a very nice moggie I’d love to stroke it/feed it some hot beef sausage* (*delete as applicable)
by Lum Lum January 24, 2005
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What Cat Enthusiasts* call Cats in a vain attempt to humanize them.

*Lonely lonely people, a cat cannot fill the void. Admit it, you want a child.
"I don't even want children, my Moggies and I are perfectly happy, sure I cry a lot, and i hate when people talk about marriage, but I'm happy with myself and that's all that matters"
by Happelshmatz August 11, 2005
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A moggy is a mixed cat; a mutt, like 97% of the cats in the world are.
I adopted a moggy, he's the sweetest thing! I wouldn't lose him for anything!
by Cat-Expert July 20, 2009
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English for several (or more) cats
"Those moggies are round the dustbins again"
by Norman July 24, 2004
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A humorous other name to call your 'chummy' best friends whom you hang around with.

Moggi is the technical name, but there are other options including: Mogga, Moggli, Bobbi, Jobbi

For example, those words adress each different one of your friends. It is another name for them.

Example: In reality my friend is called Lisa, but for fun I call her Moggli.

y'know what i mean.... Right???????
"Hey, I missed you!"
"I missed you too Moggi..."


"Where's Moggli going?"


'Love from, your Mogga.'
by Ramenload July 16, 2020
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