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The person above is really racist and i'de just like to let everyone know that not all mixed-raced girls are slags. I'm mixed-raced and I'm not. If the person above is a girl then she is probably just jealous and if it is a boy he needs to get a life. mixed girls are usually happy to be mixed-raced don't love themselves, but there is nothing wrong with being proud, because your part of diferent backrounds.
Ders nothing wrong wit mixed arced girls or boys
by anonymous January 24, 2004
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girl that r mixed wit 2 different races like black and white and get hated on these raceiste white bitch's they jus mad cause guys like us and not them raceist hateful bitch's. dont get me wrong i love white ppl.
black guy: hey look at dat mixedrace girl!she fine as hell.

white guy: yea those mulatto'b look n good as hell.

raceist bitch:fucking slag!i hate u (runs off crying)
by mixedchick March 07, 2004
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