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Mistress Amelia Marx is a professional Dominatrix most known for her work with Financial Domination. She took it from a concept in her every day life, and turned it into a full blown craze on the internet, which is still popular today. Her practice of taking money from men for her, and their, personal enjoyment spawned an entire cult fetish and following after she posted her adventures online.

Financial Domination stemming from a fetish of financial slavery or to be Dominated in a financial way. Miss Marx found this to be a natural extension for any Professional Dominatrix who is already being paid for Fetish services, and began to exploit it with clients who shared her fetish.

She said that some of her clients were aroused as much by giving money to a Dominant woman, as they were by any fetishes they may have been coming to see her for. And, that she was indeed aroused from their financial worship. She began to study the nature of the fetish, or fetishes, behind financial arousal and put it to use in her lifestyle.

Today, her work has spawned an entire cult fetish, and type of Domination. Terms like moneypig, wallet rape, money slavery, Money Princess, Findomme, and more all came from her early exploitation of this very real fetish with her clients.
Mistress Amelia Marx noticed his instant erection as he handed her the money for their session, realizing his enjoyment of Financial Domination. This was a moneyslave.

The moneyslave enjoyed Financial Domination. There was no better high, for him, than taking care of Mistress Amelia, allowing her to own him so completely. He would do anything for his Mistress, simply to be allowed near her.
by atmpiggy1 November 05, 2013
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