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Mistake by the lake is what Cleveland Ohio is called because it is right on the lake and it is the worst city in America .It seems like Cleveland was just a big mistake to even have been built. poverty high crime and drugs bullying bad schools bad hospitals the rich run every thing and the poor and not get out to another county .
Hey why is that guy so mean dirty and nasty ? Because he comes from the place called the mistake by the lake know as Cleveland.
by redpillamerican December 18, 2020
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derogatory term for Cleveland, Ohio; called so due to the fact that Cleveland is on the southern shore of Lake Erie
by Nate June 06, 2003
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The correct name for the city in Ohio often referred to as "Cleveland." Located by Lake Erie, nothing good has ever come from Cleveland and the city ranks just behind Paris Hilton, Jean Shorts, and trusting Judas as one of God's worst mistakes.
"Do you smell that?"
"Oh dont worry about that, Cleveland is the Mistake by the Lake, it always smells like feces."
by Better than all clevelanders September 26, 2007
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the rightfully given nickname to the city of cleveland ohio because the city truly is one of the biggest mistakes in the world. not only has cleveland managed to set a river on fire but they also havent won a sports championship since 1948
im looking on the map for cleveland but its nowhere to be found.

thats because they changed the name to mistake by the lake
by john workowitz October 21, 2007
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