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a male shits and jizzes in a girl vagina. He then orders KFC and stuffs it into her vagina too. As he waits for the mixture to settle, he reads a chapter of the Catcher in Rye. Once it is done baking have her shit in your mouth and it will taste good but dont let it fool you. then make out with her and have her give you a glow stick. You will then put the glow stick up your pee pee hole, oh yes yours. This will then turn the girl on to maximum drive. have fun, be safe, use a condom:) (just in case you were wondering, preheat oven to 350 and bake 13-15 minutes.)
1st guy: Dude guess what i did with my mom?
2nd guy: what?
1st guy: went to the dells.
2nd guy: k?
1st guy: and also gave my girl friend a MISSISSIPPI MOONPIE!!!!
2nd guy: alright im probally not gonna talk to you again so bye!
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