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Miranda Nixon is beautiful, nice and will always be there for u when u need it. She will always help u even if she is mad at you, and she is beautiful inside and out. She also has an amazing boyfriend that always cares for her and is always really sweet, and she is so happy she found him. She doesn't feel pretty sometimes but her boyfriend always makes he feel like the prettiest, happiest, luckiest person in the world. She is also a really good dancer, cheerleader, and gymnast. She is really flexible and is a flyer in cheer and works really hard all the time. She is a really good friend to have and will always have your back. She is really fit and healthy and loves carrots. She is the best person to be friends with and her boyfriend is the best person ever to. She loves her boyfriend with all her heart and would never cheat on him. She also has three cats and three dogs
Miranda Nixon is the best person I could have ever meet.
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by person December 9, 2017 December 09, 2017
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