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A combination of the word 'Mint', from the Geordie dialect (Newcastle upon Tyne, England) used to describe things as "great/awesome/impressive", with the popular word 'Tits', used to describe a woman's breasts.

'Mint Tits' is used to describe a fantastic or super awesome pair of breasts. You can also use the term Titties'.
"Did you see that lass on the beach today? Wearing the white bikini... She had mint tits"

"Wow!! Dem some Mint Titties!!"
by Larry2017 August 10, 2017
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Using the combination of the word mint and the phrase the tits to create the phrase Mint Tits! It’s not just Mint & it’s not just Tits but it’s Mint Tits!

Similar to saying ‘super’ or ‘extra’ or ‘awesome’! When something is deemed better than mint and yet not referring to tits.
That’s so Mint Tits! or I’m super Mint Tits! or That ride was Mint Tits!
by SandsterInMN June 04, 2018
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