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while having sex with your girlfriend right before you cum throw powdered sugar in her face cum in her eye and stick a feather duster in her ass.
john: hey how did you're date go with melvins sister last night
chris: great but i dont think melvin is going to like the fact that i gave his sister a minnesota funnel cake.
by j1n1produkshunz January 31, 2011
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A sex act popularized in Minnesota, but was invented a woman named Kate in the state of Virginia. The sex act used to be an inside joke in the old Yahoo Pro Wrestling Chat room, but quickly spread to all the regulars who used to chat in the chat room. A man from Minnesota who used to be a regular in that chat room picked up the sex act and popularized it in that state.

The sex act is where A woman puts a funnel cake up her vagina. Her sex partner then proceeds to eat the funnel cake out of her vagina.
Dude, I just did the Minnesota Funnel Cake with this girl the other day. I heard about the Minnesota Funnel Cake from some guy from South Minneapolis. As soon as I heard about it, I bought a funnel cake and shoved it up this girl's poontang. Then I ate it out of her. She loved it!
by Ollie Churpuzzi November 06, 2016
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