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1) the act of recovering diamonds from a mine typically with a pickaxe, usually in context to the 2009 game Minecraft.

2) the song created by MineCraft Awesome Parodys.
Person 1: Hey, bro, I'm going to go mine diamonds in Minecraft tonight!
Person 2: You're still playing that stupid game?
by June 02, 2018
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Mine diamonds is a song of which a nine year old screams about Minecraft diamonds. The song is written by Minecraft Awesome Parody’s. This song is also a meme.
by Loly troll lol May 08, 2018
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An infamous Minecraft parody song of "Take On Me" from A-ha on YouTube by a little kid. He sings the song very poorly and ends up just screeching into the already bad mic, making the voice quality beautiful.
"Mine diamonds...
M I N E D I A M O N D S"
by BATMN every day December 14, 2018
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