An ending to a movie with such a plot twist that it makes you say "holy shit." e.g. Impostor, Minority Report, The Sixth Sense, Memento.
Holy fucking shit! That was the mindfuck of the century!
by Brad K. March 16, 2003
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A book that can be considered confusing, enlightening, or both.
Dude, Catch-22 was a total mindfuck.
by abstraxion August 20, 2003
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n. The act of messing with someone's head so severely that they assume either you or they or both parties are schizo.
A good mindfuck just before bed is what the doctor recommended.
by alabaster December 14, 2004
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when strong minded people notice weak minded people and mess with there head making the victim speechless,crazy,making thoughts run at 100mph or even as slow as 1mph . Usually leaves victim very fucked up in the head , crippled for a while until it goes away.
When Ben became a skante warrior i mind fucked him into beleiving people are following him.
by tweek tweek paneeks May 22, 2005
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to be chronically brainwashed by a religious institution into believing that it is better to frolic bleary-eyed and alone with the love of God than to ever feel the warmth of another human being again.
she was a bangn' girlfriend until she went to Jesus Camp and came back mindfucked; now she orgasms from reciting biblical verses instead.
by Aneim April 12, 2008
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something so incredibly boring or such a waste of time that the person experiencing it can do nothing but drop into a sleep or a really deep daze
Man, that class was such a mindfuck... I fell asleep 5 times.
by The White Man March 8, 2005
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To completely dissolve one's thought process and abillity to be. Typically onset by a menber of the opposite sex. Devastating to brilliant minds.
In the movie Basic Instinct II, Sharon Stone completely mindfucks the supporting actor by setting events in motion that cause him to have a psychotic break and go on a killing rampage. Something that a Psychiatryst would never do.

"Dude, where am I?"
"You're in the back seat of my car, I found you huddled naked in some backwards mexican hotel cuddled in the corner whispering 'I am gonna be alright. I don't have 11 fingers. Barney is not some evil alien trying to kill me.' It was bad man."
"Damn, that bitch completely mindfucked me"
"Yeah, tell me about it"
by Allen Jonson October 23, 2006
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