1. When something completely changes from one thing to another in a split second.
2. Something that when thought about completely blows your mind.
Similar to Mind=blown
1. Your fucking your girlfriend you look to your left you look down its a cat...Mindfuck

2. Person 1: Barry White with a Micky Mouse voice."
Person 2 (after thinking for a bit): Whoa...mindfuck
by Mind=cats November 19, 2011
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An act similar to sex, involving two people sending mentally arousing brain waves to each other. No physical contact is required to mind fuck. Mind fucking is a very safe sexual act, however one should be warned that you can contract a MTD, or mentally transmitted disease. It is recommended that those who are about to mind fuck make a mental mind condom before hand, to help reduce the chance of contracting a MTD. Mind fucking is a two person activity. If you wish to engage in a form of mental sexual activity for more than 2 people, try having a mind orgy or mind threesome. Normal orgy and threesome rules apply.
I just had the most amazing mind fuck with Sara last night!!@ I got such a brainer, and her mind is so sexy. I could have eletricly compulsed on her brain all night long.
by Eddie the cool kid August 27, 2006
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Brainwashed since toddlerhood by a paternal parent to believe that you are useless, stupid, an intentional fuckup, a burden, unworthy of food, support or any kind of positive attention, should never have been born, and you will never be as important as him.
Some asshole paternal parent of mine had a pathetic need to mindfuck me when I was growing up.
I was completely mindfucked back then.
My shitty asshole paternal parent was the source of my mindfuck.
by The Real Fake Pseudo February 04, 2014
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Mindfuck: v. The act of completely amazing someone to the point of confusion and speechlessness

Mindfucker: n. Someone who destroys all sense of reality.
That InShane magic show completely mindfucked the audience!

He totally mindfucked the shit out of me! I want his cock!
by InShane Magic November 18, 2011
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To remove the eyeball and insert the penis into the ocular cavity and beyond.
I'mma gonna fuck your mind baby! Let's Mind Fuck.
by nsg1076 July 28, 2009
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