when someone messes with your mind...usually when someone of the oppostie sex plays games with your head, but can be used when anyone trys to manipulate you through mind tactics
This guy I was dating was mind fucking me to no end...he would give me special gifts and be sweet then turn around and be a total ass. Why do people play mind fucking games? It sucks nuts!
by Tiffers October 03, 2005
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(n.) A mind-blowing, confusing situation; a perplexity, a paradox, or an enigma.
Ted: "It took me three years to talk about that."
Al: "Well, Ted, Vietnam was an absolute mindfuck."

Senior Detective: "This just doesn't make any sense? Who murders a goose?"
Junior Detective: "Yeah, this case is an absolute mindfuck."

"If you are enrolling your children at Weisenborn Middle, prepare them for an absolute mindfuck."
by Brother Benson April 21, 2010
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when a woman delibertly messes with a mans emotions.
Dude, I don't get it. Ashley was all over me at the bar last weekend and last night she didn't even talk to me! Now she wants to know if i'm goin out tonight. She's definately mindfuckin you bro.
by Mr. Ecko November 04, 2009
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a situation which calls into question the way your mind currently sees a certain idea or the world in general
I was on a carnival ride when suddenly it went the opposite way I thought it would go. I got so confused that I was totattly mind fucked.
by gregoravichqoqoqqq December 04, 2008
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1. When something completely changes from one thing to another in a split second.
2. Something that when thought about completely blows your mind.
Similar to Mind=blown
1. Your fucking your girlfriend you look to your left you look down its a cat...Mindfuck

2. Person 1: Barry White with a Micky Mouse voice."
Person 2 (after thinking for a bit): Whoa...mindfuck
by Mind=cats November 19, 2011
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the slang term of Exploding noema: It's a theory of psychoanalysis that describes the exact startling moment when the brain can't reconcile the difference between what should be and what actually is.
inception is a total mindfuck
by bankrobert682 January 19, 2011
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Verb: The act of using purposeful confusion onto another person. If the person has no clue you were mind-fucking them, it is a successful mind-fuck. If that person suspects what you are saying or doing is a mind-fuck, it is an unsuccessful mind-fuck.
Dude, I just called Miranda to mind-fuck her, and she didn't suspect thing!

Man, I think I was just mind-fucked.

One of John's favorite hobbies is to call up random numbers and mind-fucks the people who answer.
by Grandma Tuffits June 21, 2010
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