the time where you zone out thinking about Fucking someone you know you will never get with usually with a smile on your face a nd a blank stare
Dude! you were totally mind fucking that girl and she saw you staring!
by Crazychris April 13, 2014
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When someone fucks- or screws with-your mind. This is usually done to either make you feel like shit or to blow your mind. It is easier to mindfuck the person-if you’re attempting to make them feel like shit- if you know deep info about them that you can utilize to your advantage.
Mindfuck:Insert everything I say when someone pisses me off
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The act of over-analyzing a decision. Unwillingness to come to a decision.
I told her to give me quick decision and not to mind fuck it to death.
by Gojai August 23, 2017
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Where you are confusing someone in any sexual way possible
If the mom fucked the dad and had two kids boy and girl and the boy fucked the mom and the girl fucked the mom the children of the mom and boy is called the dad then who is the real dad if none of this was real....mind fucked
by Fuck mined,being confused December 27, 2011
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