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1. (v.) (perj.) To move or act in a way that implies homosexuality.
'You should see him mincing about, limp wristed with his knob out. I tell you mate, that sort of thing shouldn't be allowed in communal showers.'

'Christ no, he'd get slaughtered in a fight. Have you seen the way he minces about?'
by J-Dubya November 29, 2003
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To walk with delicate, deliberate, feminine steps, often with exagerated, delicate hand gestures.

The distinct gait of the poof, as bait for trawling for other pouves.
Realy Ernie, if you want to play on the Raiders, you can't mince around like that!
by Sneaky Snyde June 01, 2005
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The word mince has been subject to a number of meaning sin the english langues, the original in recent history means to chop finely. Mince meat or 'mincemeat', however and somewhat bizarrely, is a sweet desert filling used in christmas pies and tarts.
Mince can also be used to describe a distinctly feminine walk/gait used by a man, or the practice of a male who is often found to hold their little finger aloft whilst carrying items i.e. handbags
Mince in some circles also means to throw up aggressively creating a substance like mince meat...

by Ruben June 09, 2003
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n. or verb: Mincing

Describes an act, stance or stride one takes which is very flamboyant, pretentious and flaky.

Usually a manner which is undertaken by luxurious, ornate homosexuals.
"Look at Eugene mincing down the street."

"Carlos began to mince his way through the lingerie store."

"Hey Dwight, Why don't you mince your way around to my place for a bit of romancing of the bone"
by Refreshment Boxx April 04, 2010
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