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Milorad is a person who is very charming, sophisticated, gracious and extremely attractive. He has that"something" that every man wishes he had, even though no one really knows for sure what "that something" is. Nobody really knows where he is coming from or where he has been. He is mysterious, which has a draw of its own. He is friendly to everyone, and has a way of making people want to be considered his friend. He does not make fun of people, generally; but if someone has crossed him, he can dash that person to the ground without them even being aware that he has trampled their head to put them down. His physique is also mysterious, as his attire is always business professional borderlining on sexy.

Milorad has a way of making his significant other feel as though they have psychic powers. Once they realize they don't have the powers, it is too late; he is already

in someone elses world. A Milorad has special healing powers, he knows exactly what you need. If any doctor cannot cure you, he can.

You cannot trust a Milorad, as he will tell you the same himself. Women throw themselves at him and make donkies of themselves. Men are attracted to him as well, but uselessly. Beware, a dark "knight" with a bottle of Amaro liquor will totally change your world!
Hey nosey lady....don't let me sense you thinking of my Milorad; I will put a curse on you!
by MaryKatherine Veras January 08, 2013
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