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Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who take up the town. Boys wear vineyard vines or bar mitzvah sweatshirts and act like they are so cool and girls wear tight leggings to show their asses, with expensive clothes and jewlry they get from the short hills mall and are very bitchy and think they are the shit. This middle school is filled with spoiled japs and rich white kids. Most white rich kids act black by listening to 3 rap songs. Teachers hate their jobs and the kids and retire just because they hate the kids so much. Kids don't pay attention but will find ways for their parents to bribe the teacher for better grades.
Person 1- why does that kid have all the most expensive clothes
Person 2- Oh, They are a spoiled bitch from millburn middle school
Person 1- Now it makes sense
by zboi83 April 05, 2017
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