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a type of tea which is invented by Harry Holland which he loves alot
breakfast tea with ALOT of milk
"everyone is always bragging about my milky tea"-Harry Holland
by milky tea July 02, 2018
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A child with only one black parent who still insists they are a nigga. Usually a half-cast person who acts like they're black/hangs around with the black gang.
Caramel guy: sup ma nigga
Black man: you can't call me that, you're not black fam, you're only a Milky Tea!
Caramel guy: Fucking nigga!
by Swalls Gaming September 30, 2016
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A gay extrovert who will steal your man. He’ll also probably call you can edgy five year old.
“Milky Tea just called me edgy.”
Said the edgy five year old
by M1lky Tea February 02, 2019
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