a big ole meanie pants who has 30 mental disabilities including autism, half a brain, etc. and he is a sarcastic prick becuase he is a d
he got a small d and look like a milk dud Mr. Milk Dud
by w3845689w734ytiqwlfeui23wlgksy September 30, 2019
When someone defecates onto another person's butt, and stuffs the pieces into their butthole.
They wanted to try the Milk Dud Stuffer, so they shat on the other person's butthole and stuffed the small pieces of poop into it.
by The Assengers April 5, 2021
When having anal sex, and you have a pierced penis(works best with the Prince Albert) making sure to churn that stinky doody hole real good, then pull out briskly leaving a milk dud like ball off poopie stuck in the ring. Then make your partner suck the poop off the end off it.
I fucked this chick in the ass the other day and gave her a Virginia milk dud
by Thrust torso September 15, 2021
Using a lactating moms breast milk for lubricant during anal sex.
I pulled off a mommas milk dud, but only because she was out of strawberry jelly. I’m not an animal.
by Roughneck2Real November 22, 2020
A kidnapper, commonly associated with a white van with a milk dud logo. He draws you in with his charisma and milk duds.
If you see the milk dud delivery man, RUN!
His van may look sexy, but he does not.
by Lulu46648 December 18, 2021