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v. The act of having sex in or around Denver, Colorado, USA, a city which is approximately 5280 feet (1 mile; 1.6km) above sea level, and is known as the "Mile-High City". Bonus points if the sex involved an actual dance club in Denver.

n. mile-high club
The group of people who have had sex as defined above.

I can't believe I lost my virginity through mile-high clubbing the other night!
by RehabbedMacAddict February 11, 2009
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The act of going from seat to seat on an airplane with the sole purpose of sexual intercourse with a fellow passenger. Drinks of an alcoholic nature are required, protection optional.
Hey Frank, later tonight my friend Ethan and I are going mile high clubbing. Byob and dont forget to pull out.
by ECOLELEE January 26, 2011
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