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One of the two public high schools in Middletown, NJ. Some of the things that stand out about this school are the crazy teachers, stupid rules, unsuccessful sports teams. The cafeteria is over crowded, noisy and everyone cuts you on the line witch causes you to wait like an hour just to get a friggin chicken wrap for $2.10. The security guards lock you out of the school if you are one minute late. If you get to class a few minutes late and the teachers sign you in (not late), they get a huge amount of trouble. They even went out of their way to install security cameras just to catch students who are late to class. Oh, and the security guards seem to be friends with all the trouble makers in the school. (they help them smoke, even though it is prohibited by law on school grounds)

The population mainly consists of wiggers, guidos, skater punks, stoners, and knuckle draggers. There is however, a small population of normal students. The hallways are flooded with kids, who push and shove, curse, yell, body slam their friends, etc. It takes like 5 minutes just to get down like one friggin hallway.

The cheerleaders are terrible, so is our football team. The only good team we have is the bowling team.

Gym class consists of almost a half hour to get changed, stand around, sit, wait, do nothing while we listen to instructions, stretch, walk around, and mabey 15 mins of actual physical activity.
There are many psycho teachers. My English teacher told me that if the he drove by in his car and saw the school on fire, he would empty his gas tank and throw it on the fire.(true story)

Well, i guess you get the idea. I don't quite know what it is that makes this school so bad. It has to be a combination of things.

Wigger1: "yo i heard you got arrested last night fa sellin weed"

Wigger2: "cha bra, the cops are so gay for doin their job"


Wigger1: "WHY YO"


Student: (sighs)"middletown high school south sucks."
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