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Middleburg heights is a very small suburb of Cleveland. When you walk seven miles in either direction you will end up in one of five cities. The new combined highschool is essentially a giant trap house for high schoolers. In 2016 many of the millenials in the area became addicted to heroin and destroyed their lives. As time goes on Middleburg heights will more than likely destroy itself from within. Middleburg was once a peaceful town. Nowadays Middleburg is the like the new "drive through" city to buy drugs. If you are in search of a variety of drugs you may want to consider the neighboring cities Berea and Brook Park.
We are in Middleburg heights Ohio and the only thing to do here is go to the rec center.
Why does everyone feel the need to tell me they are sober in Middleburg Heights Ohio?
by Slump Lord December 15, 2016
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