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A girl a taken boy will date on top of his current girlfriend. Neither girl knows about the other.

The middle girl is often met on a vacation the current girlfriend is not on, like a family cruise or a family trip to the beach house. She is often dated just for sex, or is paraded around in a similar manner as a trophy wife, winning her the nickname of "trophy girl" as well.

When the boy is caught out or accused of cheating, he may have his middle girl come to meet the girlfriend and make her give an explanation. The explanation is usually the truth of how she met the boy, but the boy has the full truth. He usually chooses the middle girl in order to fulfill a need his current girlfriend isn't giving him.
My ex-boyfriend was a sex addict, and when I refused to have sex with him because of my oath of chastity, he got himself a middle girl on his next trip to Bermuda just to satisfy his addiction.
by Cassie Oakley & Veronica Lane October 07, 2013
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