When you get up early and go to bed late all week, and around Wednesday morning you start feeling that you can not continue this without getting a proper sleep first.
- Why didn't you come to school yesterday?
-Er.. I was having a mid-week crisis.
by VikiOfReadin March 6, 2009
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Usually occuring about Wednesday - half way to the weekend - and categorized by doing something drastic, but not too drastic.... Just something that is enough to get you through the week and, perhaps, to get other people to look or act differently towards you.
I got so crunk because of my mid-week crisis.

My mid-week crisis caused me to dye my hair green.
by BlackWidow September 10, 2006
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An Alternative/Acoustic Band from Gaithersburg, Maryland.
"Hey did you get to see Mid-week Crisis last night?" "Yeah, They were awesome!"
by Dr3wBe4r August 19, 2009
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