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Mid-adolescence crisis (noun) : A sudden urge around the age of 15 to relive your childhood. Mild cases consist of desiring to watch all classic movies from your childhood, while moderate cases include TV shows and rereading classic books. Severe cases include large purchases of classic stuffed animals, t-shirts, and various other memorabilia. Other symptoms include constantly moaning "The stuff you watch is crap!"
to younger generations, scolding children when they don't recognize a certain TV show, or quoting along to above mentioned movies/TV shows.
Josh: I just really want to watch all the classic Disney movies!
Alexandria: I bought a whole bunch of Winnie the Pooh merch!
Tanya: I watched all the classic 90s Nickelodeon cartoons last night!
Darren: You are all clearly experiencing a group mid-adolescence crisis.
by ramonaflowers7 September 26, 2011
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