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When you pull down a girls panties and her vagina is much larger than anticipated.
Kelly looked hot as hell last night, until I saw her Michigan pot hole, I thought there is no way she is gonna even feel me.
by Kevin Wolfe February 27, 2017
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When your customer and/or employer (both typically in Michigan) collect lots of information about you and outsource scamming you to Indian call centers, local police, and the judiciary system. Typically executed over the holidays, the after math tends to drag on till the next half of the year.
Dude 1 (typically a recipient of the scam steals): Bro, how was your Christmas vacation this year? I went to Hawaii, Mexico , Arizona and Maui! I celebrated christmas with my family - I had great dinners - I had bacon and steak and cake! it was awesome!

Dude 2: It sucked man, I got stuck in a Michigan Pothole... I even peed myself in my pants on the street before I could get out...
Dude 1: ohhhh duuuuuude.... shiiiiiiit..... reallyyyyyyy??? ooooh thats toooo baaaad.... you should've gone to Hawaii, Mexico, Arizona and Maui !
by ud_i2 June 02, 2018
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