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miami country day is a school where all the rich snobby kids in miami go to. they all think they are the shit and dont hang out with anyone whos parents make less than 500K a year. they will judge you based on what you wear, what you say and what type of alcohol you drink. if you dont wear brand name clothing items consider yourself an outcast. if you dont snort coke or smoke weed its most likely they wont even look in your direction. even though they are all super snobby, the guys at country day are the hottest guys you will ever see. no guy will ever pursue at girl since all the girls are annoying, desperate try hards. The sophomore class are the biggest whores and dont care whos boyfriend they have to sleep with.
dont even bother going to the miami country day party if you werent personally invited, the security will have you kicked out in a second after realizing youre not on the list.
by samanthagonzalezzz April 11, 2017
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