after a night of heavy drinking, eating, etc., the act of waking up the next morning and taking the most violent, earth-shattering dump, in which it sprays the walls of the crapper with the powerful force of a fire hose!!!
"oh man, i must have had like fifteen heinekens last night before we got those chili cheese dogs....uh-oh...i'll be right back...."
by clipper February 09, 2004
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While Mexican hangover can be the result of eating, it can also be the result of eating a lot of Mexican food. Headaches, dry mouth, runny noses and diarrhea are some of the side effects (and I'm not talking regular diarrhea, it is explosive, shoot to the fucking moon diarrhea).
Oh man... Pablo made some good food but shit he gave me a Mexican hangover.
by sammygreen123 February 13, 2011
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