usually about 30-45 minutes after the expected deadline/time.
"ah man, i'm here on mexican time, so i'm not late, hahaha."
by citlali October 26, 2003
from San diego to San Ferando valley ( or Oxnard )
Hombre what was UR mexican time to Oxnard?? Amigo dos extra days from San Ferando Valley to Oxnard. Why so long?

Ahhh U no, Hollywood mujeres I had my mexican shorts on!
by itichie_nocanpo July 3, 2006
About an hour and 23 minutes after the designated time.

The best excuse to use after being late, especially for a date.
Josh: Where the hell were you?!
Tony: What do you mean, I made it on time.
Josh: It's like 9! You were supposed to be here an hour and a half ago!
Tony: I meant Mexican Time...
by BboyBokChoi January 18, 2010
Giving an early time because you know everyone is going to be late anyways...
I told them to be there at 10 Mexican Standard Time because they are always an hour late and the soiree actually starts at 11.
by kosmik85 June 27, 2009
A common term often used to describe an absolutely loaded bottle of Corona; specific ingredients consist consisting of 1 added shot of tequila, topped off with 1 sizzling perc and/or xanax dropped into the libation.
Aye bruh whip me up one of those Mexican Time Bomb jawns...I’m finna get goofy and lit AF so I can loosen up.
by Manginas Matter May 8, 2021