When you dig up a mostly rotted corpse, hook it up with wires that connect to a source of electricity, puppeteer it and have people pay to have sex with it.
"Man I am so low on money right now. I should start mexican sugar dancing."
by UnicornPony_69 January 29, 2016
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You were told not to search this up, admit it. Reverse psychology is very effective.

The actual meaning is the use of dead bodies hooked up to electricity that “animates” them enough for them to be used as pay per ride sex dolls.

Don’t say they didn’t warn you.
Bob: Man I’m broke, time to start doing mexican sugar dancing
David: Man, that is low even for you!
by E hates Q January 12, 2022
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Where a person in mexico dig up a body, use electricity to make it move, and have sex with it
"Wanna join us for our Mexican sugar dance?"
"No you fucking psycho, I'd rather get a cleveland steamer from your mom."

by GetGotMan March 29, 2018
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The act of going from 4chan to Urban Dictionary to look up words that don't make sense.
"Dave is such a cuck! He's jumping from site to site, Mexican Sugar Dancing!" "Yeah Brycen, we'll have him doing that all night!"
by Denbritle23 June 21, 2016
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The action of using an actual human bone for a dildo. You sit on it and then you make a circular motion with your ass.
Man you are really good at Mexican Sugar Dancing, makes me wanna try.
by kesskisspass December 7, 2016
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