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a teenage girl who hangs out with other teenage girls who look the same as her. they think that they are so 'gangster' but aren't. they are always mad about something.
here's a description:
-sometimes tan, but not always
-plucks/waxes all of her eyebrows off, then draws a subsititute, a thin line, with a brown or black eye pencil.
-wears dark, maroonish, lipliner and clear gloss inside.
-sometimes has a nose piercing, usually a small fake diamond.
-has either really skinny, or really fat legs.
-always has a gut.
-gold chains, usually saying their name in old english.
-always curses in spanish.
-WILL get her panties in a knot if you touch her, even the slightest bit.
-wears TONS of mascara.
-a very thick line of black eyeliner on thier upper lid, with a wierd colored eyeshadow, such as baby blue or pink.
-sleeps around with alot of gangsters.

-sometimes called an 'm.s.'
random chick: *bumps into her* oh excuse me, i'm sorry.

mexican slut: mira por donde caminas, pinche pendeja!

random chick: i said i was sorry!

mexican slut: you wanna throw down or que?

random chick: no i don't..just chill out okay? you don't have to get your fucking panties in a knot!!!

**it starts to rain, and the mexican slut's eyebrows start to run so she takes off to the nearest restroom to reapply.**
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