1) mexican/hispanic who talks, dresses, and basically acts like a ghetto nigga (often thought of as a compliment to a mexican/hispanic)

2) a mexican and black couple have a child

3) a person mixed of mexican and black heritage
1) Damn, that mexican nigga is smokin'

2) Yo, look at dem mexican nigga's walkin' that baby down Central Park

3) Yo, i got laid by a mexican nigga last night
by mexicanniggashorty December 4, 2004
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Mexicans niggas are Hispanic decent individuals who are in black customs, slang, and sauce. There is usually that Mexican Nigga that is in mostly every black males group depending on who they are friends with. To identify them they usually have the chilli bowl taper haircut fade, wear the polo’s with the fat ass horses on, them wear j’s, doesn’t speak Spanish(usually), and saids Nigga more than black guys do. Hate being compared to cholos.
Tekashi 69 is a Mexican Nigga

Houston Mexicans are Mexican niggas usually

Fat joe is a Mexican Nigga
by Dangelo1996 February 24, 2020
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