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Step 1: Take a shit inside a sock.
Step 2: Throw it on the ground and then piss on it.
Step 3: Pick up and slap someone in the grill with sock.
Step 4: Repeat if necessary.
Larry is such a douche, we should give him a Mexican Hotpocket!
by Lazarus2 August 05, 2010
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The act of unflolding a hide-a-bed, dropping a duce, and reflodling for some unexpected individual to find at a later time.
Last time i was at Walmart I left a mexican hot pocket in onw of their display models.
by Pokintail May 14, 2010
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When a male takes a shit in a females vagina and then has sex with her.
"So i ate Taco Bell the other night and went home to have sex with my girlfriend. While we were having sex i had to take a dump so bad i gave her a mexican hotpocket.
by A. Regar July 10, 2008
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when you shit inside a sleeping bag and get someone to go inside of it.
"dude,drew got me into getting into a mexican hotpocket."
by KUYA patrick November 29, 2009
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A fecal sex act in which one partner, gender non specific, defecates into the vaginal cavity of a female lover and proceeds to enter the party with either their penis, or a penile substitute.
We all boil at different degrees. - Emerson

Steve Watanabe: Ken! Have you heard the word around the watercooler?

Ken Watanabe: You mean about the senior VP of proselytizing giving his secretary a mexican hot pocket in the video conferencing lab? Yeah - but I have to admit, bro, I don't know what that means.

Steve Watanabe: It's basic - what it means is, he took a deuce in her nethers, then charged in full speed ahead. If you get my drift.

Ken Watanabe: ... I'll never be able to handle a memo from him again.

Steve Watanabe: Don't be such a wimp - at least he's not a furry.
by Ken Watanabe March 12, 2008
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to poop in a corn tortilla, sprinkle cheese, ground beef and or steak,diced green peppers, and tomatoes topped with a fine Mexican salsa before wrapping put in microwave till warm. while hot wrap and put in taco bell paper and bag it, give to friend or foe.
Nelson made the best Mexican hot Pocket for his friend Tido while he was drunk
by randomhero565 October 22, 2008
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When one man s**ts in another man's butthole.
Guy 1: "Where's andy?"

Guy 2: "Oh, him and scott are at the anal surgeon, they had mexican hot pockets at the party last night..."

Guy 1: "I wish hadn't heard that."
by Jazlez December 20, 2009
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