mexican gang banger wannabe's are simply every where now days, they start like that when they are born and when they first found out what sex,drugs,and guns do.When they go to school on the first day alls they do is talk.By the time the grades 3,4,and 5 (if they can) they are cracking sexual jokes and bullying the smart pretty and handsome kids.By the time of high school they drop out and star hanging out on the corner of the block try to steal peoples wallets and purses to try buy a cheap gun like a high point.(a high point is the worst gun brand in the world like a piece of whale shit morphed into the shape of a large bulky gun.) Once they get the piece of cheap shit they buy some crap ass ammo and try to kill people.On the inside of there small mind they think they are the best when there just a ass licking hippie.
a unknown mexican is knocking on your door what do you do?grab a 12 gage shot gun and kill there ass before they try to kill you! that is what you should do a "mexican gang banger wannabe".
by the journal September 17, 2013
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