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the act of sliding a hot rod in their partners ass and eating them out
oh shit man i caught jimbo giving his girl a mexican corndog
by TextileSmartass November 01, 2014
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When a man takes a dump on a womans chest, then slides his penis through her cleavage, smearing the fecal matter on his penis, lets it harden, and then the woman sucks it off. Like a corndog.
Chad contente enjoyed getting a mexican-corndog from his cousin monique last saturday.
by nelson and chris May 05, 2007
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inserting a large funnel into partners anus and pouring blended corndog into the funnel while partner is eating several mexican chillis
Bro, I totally tried a mexican corndog with this chick last night. She Loved it
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by phatdopecornman May 10, 2018
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