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(n.) When you fart in the bath and the bubbles come up and stink up the room.
Dude! I just walked in on Keith cooking up a mexican bubble bath! Nasty fucker!
by Deelan May 26, 2008
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When you fart and you're in the bath tub, and all the bubbles float to the top very slowly, and then when it hits the top, you can smell your own brand.
Mary made a mexican bubblebath when she was in the tub, and passed out after the bubbles surfaced, releasing the noxious odor.
by meggie0688 November 14, 2007
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When you go to take a shit and just shit out froth and bubbles.
Also called a Cleveland Bubble Bath.
"We went to the local fast food place and when I went to the bathroom someone had made a steaming Mexican bubble bath in the sink!"
by Old Man McDickcheese July 18, 2017
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