Urban educated man who is secure enough in himself to not be threatened by being sophisticated. He defines his own self image outside of traditional male stereotypes. He makes his own defintion of what it means to be a man.
I man who can dress in skin tight black rubber go to a fetish BDSM ball and relish in dominating submissive women.
by Cat MacLeod January 22, 2004
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a straight homie that acts like a gay dude for some reason unknown
Quit aking like a metro-sexual, ok guy.
by bo October 27, 2003
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From the Greek 'meter' meaning 'mother,' and 'sexual.' Thus, as 'homosexual' means a person sexually attracted to members of the same sex, and a 'heterosexual' is someone attracted to members of the other sex, a metrosexual is a person sexually attracted to his or her mother.
by Blind Reggie McGee April 15, 2005
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A guy who wears clothing that most women would consider "fashionable" but guys would consider "gay" and owns all the newest toys such as an iPhone. Frequently seen dancing by self to house music
Chris was enjoying dancing with himself wearing velour pants while texting on his iPhone in a overtly metrosexual way
by psjm November 13, 2009
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The latest trend of metrosexuals seem to be found in the postal service. The "tough guys" have found that women no longer gravitate to that species but rather a man who is willing to show his feminine side, to be in touch with his feelings, and to be able to display emotion. And, of course, a man who takes pride in his appearance (clothes, hair, nails, scent~and not afraid to wear lavender) is always going to be noticed.

In a business sense, if your heart is not in what you do, then you are fighting a losing battle. You must be passionate in your work and always show others that you genuinely care about their well-being. By doing this, you gain respect and a loyal following of your peers. You will always be successful in your endeavors if people know you are speaking from the heart. Without your heart, you have nothing.

Note: Metrosexuals have been confused with being gay, which isn't so terrible. And sometimes, you will find a gay man trying to pass himself off as a metrosexual because he cannot find the courage to "come out of the closet" for fear of embarassment. All that man would have to do is be honest with his friends because they usually already have figured out his preferences and are fine with that.
To find a metrosexual in the postal service, look around the room. When you spot the man in the Oleg Cassini suit with a lavender shirt and fancy matching tie (no boring solids, stripes, or dots), shoes shined, every strand of hair in place, and emitting the scent of PI by Givenchy or Jean Paul Gaultier you have probably found your man. If you are lucky enough to spot one carrying a man-bag, that is the man you want to get to know. However, if when you approach him and he can only speak of work, sports, or golfing, be careful, you might have been duped.
by Rosie September 11, 2004
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A straight man who's prefers wine to beer, dressing well to looking like a slob, art, good film, music, and literature to football and action movies. They tend to be well mannered and good cooks. Metrosexuals are also affiliated with the liberal side of the political spectrum. They often reside in urban environments. Some may be extremely girly and frivolous while others maybe more toned down. They are often mistaken for being gay, however they are all extremely confident in their straightness. Many women want a metrosexual, however many prefere a "real" man. However, metros aren't any less tough and can be extremely resilliant to internal and external difficulties. They aren't concerned when someone calls them gay. Most metro's aren't (well dressed) arrogant douchebag's either, that applies to some other category. Corporate asshole maybe? Metrosexuallity doesn't mean expensive designer clothes, just a good overall fashion sense. A negative trait found in many metros is being picky (I'm a big offender). Another negative is that some of this group are a little to obsessed with their appearance and hygiene they can have low self esteem if they feel they don't look right.

Metrosexual men know what they like, in all area's. They aren't gay. Believe me, I am one, I love me some sexy ladies in a beautiful room, in a gorgeous building.
"That guy has style, I hope he's straight," says woman to gay friend.
"But he dresses gay," the gay friend says.
"I'll go find out," she states, walking to the bar where the man is drinking a glass of wine.
"Are you gay, or in a relationship?" She asks
"No, I'm a very single, metrosexual man," The man says.
by TheFreeRunner June 12, 2013
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